Zhara Mandorla 1

Zhara alla Mandorla

Almond-flavored fortified wine

A delightful wine produced through a delicate process of flavoring.
Paper-white in color, it has an assertive fragrance laced with almond notes.
The flavor is decidedly sweet, strong and persistent.
At its best when chilled to a temperature of 12-14°C,it is an excellent dessert wine.
Ideal with Sicilian pastries.
Alcool: 16% vol.


uva mandorla

Almond Flavored Wine: From the ancient Sicilian tradition comes a fortified wine which is the meeting point between two of the most authentic treasures of the island: the winemaking wisdom and know-how and the delicate fruit.

Almond are one of the fundamental ingredients of the Sicilian confectionery tradition and almond trees are spread all over the island.


The fruity scent of the wine are enriched by the characteristic sweet scent of almonds, creating a perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness.