Amaro del Principe

Infuso di Erbe Aromatiche

Mediterranean herbs liquer whose secret recipe includes an infuse of herbs, roots, fruits, flowers, citrus fruits and spices.
Its smell is a peculiar mixture of bitter orange and licorice.
Its taste is persistently aromatic.


To serve chilled.


erbe officinali

Erbe Officinali:Their names comes from the Latin word “officina”, the place where essence used in traditional medicine where extracted. The medicinal plants are one of the greatest resources Nature has given us and were first used by the Egyptians and later on by the Assyrians, the Greeks and the Romans, Most of these plant grow spontaneously and are diffuse all over the world. The active ingredients that can be found in these plants are essential oils, alkaloids, glycosides and many more, present in flowers, leaves, berries, roots and bark.