Gocce di Luce Bianca 1

Gocce di Luce

Vino bianco da uve rosse

Grapes used: Fine Sicilian black grapes vinified white. The grapes are placed exclusively in trays after harvesting.
Harvest: September.
Bottling: Single batch.
Method: Black grapes vinified in white.
Temperature: 16°C.
Duration: 15 days.
Malolactic: Yes.

Yellow color with coppery reflections.
The palate is smooth and delicate. Sligtly sweet.
Serve at 15-18°C. with flavorsome appetizers and entrées, and with seasoned sheep's-milk cheeses and flavored cow's-milk cheeses.


vinificazione in bianco di uve nere

White vinification of red grapes: The substances responsible for the color of a wine are present on the peel of the grapes and are extracted during the processes of vinificaiton, especially during fermentation.

If the fermentation happens after having separated the peel from the must, then the result is a white wine which can give pleasurable sensation.



2016 - VINI VERONELLI - annata 2014: 85/100

2014 - WINE ENTHUSIAST - annata 2015: 87/100

2014 - VINI VERONELLI - annata 2014: 85/100

2014 - LUCA MARONI - annata 2012: 90/100