Zhara Malvasia 1

Zhara Malvasia

IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) Terre Siciliane

Fortified Wine
A wonderful IGP Sicilia fortified wine.
Golden in color, it has an intense, all-encompassing fragrance with strong fruit notes.
The flavor is sweet and aromatic, recalling candied fruit and raising.
A very pleasant aperitif, it is ideal with pastries and Sicilian ice cream.
Serve as an aperitif at a temperature of 10 - 12°C. or at 16 - 18°C. at the end of the meal.
Alcool: 16%
Malvasia uva

Malvasia: Vinevarieties of different origins are categorized under the name Malvasia. They all have in common a spicy musky scent of apricot.

The name “Malvasia” come from “Monembasia”, a Byzantine fortress in Ancient Greece, renowned for its pastries and sweets, later diffused in Europe by the Venetians.

They were sold in taverns and public houses with the name Malvase.