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Zhara Passito

IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) Terre Siciliane

Grapes used: Moscato.
The grapes are crushed and left to steep for about 5 hours, then are gently pressed and fermented at 18-20°C.
Deep yellow color. Intense a characteristic fragrance reminiscent of rose petals.
The palate of the connoisseur is sweet, warm and robust.
Wine at the end of the meal, accmpanied by a pleasant dried fruit and sweets. Serving temperature 12-15°C.


moscato uva

Moscato: Originally from the Middle Easterne part of the Mediterranean area, it was brought to Sicily by the ancient Greeks. Its name means “muscum”, musk in Latin, because of the musky scent of its grapes.

The size of the grapes is variable. The color is greeninshyellow. It is usually cultivated on dry calcareous soils with a scarce presence of clay. It has a high sugar concentration


2014 - VINI VENORELLI - annata 2009: 88/100

2014 - VINI DI SICILIA - annata 2009: 3 stars

2014 - BRUXELLES - annata 2009: Silver Medal

2014 - VINITALY - annata 2009: Diploma di Gran Menzione

2014 - LUCA MARONI - annata 2009: 86/100

2007 - SELEZIONE DEL SINDACO - annata 2003: Gan Menzione

2006 - VINITALY - annata 2003: Gran Menzione