Zhara Vendemmia Tardiva grande

Zhara Vendemmia Tardiva

IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) Terre Siciliane

Grapes used: Syrah.
Harvest: Mid-October.
Bottling: Single batch.
Resa per ettaro: 70 quintals.
Method: Once the grapes is ripe (mid-September) the remaining branches on the row are cut. Then the grapes undergo a process of natural dehydration losing the water present in the pulp. In mid-October the brunch is harvested and taken to the cellar.
Vinification in oak barrells for at least 20 days.
Bottling: 12 - 15 months after harvesting.
Malolactic: Yes.
Ageing: The peak of the aromatic expression is obtained 6 months after harvesting.
Colour: Intense ruby-red.
Aroma: it reminds of black pepper, currant, black cherry and cocoa powder.
Flavor: complex and persistent structure with a sweet undertone.
syrah uva

Syrah: Originally from the Rhode Valley, it is considered one of the noblest vine varieties both for its longevity and for the scent of its wines. In Italy, Sicily it’s the region where this vine variety prospered the most. It usually undergoes the vinification process both alone or mixed with Nero d’Avola


2015 - BRUXELLES - annata 2012: 80,96/100

2014 - VINI VENORELLI - annata 2012: 86/100