Alcamo Bianco 1

Alcamo Bianco

DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) Alcamo

Grapes used: Catarratto (50%), Inzolia (50%).

Harvest: From mid-September through mid-October.

Bottling: Various batches.


Method: Temperature-controlled, in stainless steel tanks.

Temperature: 16-18°C.

Duration: 10- 20 days.

Malolactic: No.


Straw-yellow color with greenish reflections.

Elegant, subtle bouquet, with the aroma of spring flowers to the fore.

Fresh palate with an inviting acidity.


This wine goes well with dishes based on fish, shelfish, seafood and soft cheeses.

Best served chilled.

Avaitable in 75 cl (25,4 fl. oz.) and 37,5 cl. (12,7 fl. oz..) bottles.


Cataratto: Sicilian native white berry wine, it is mostly present in the area near Trapani. Its origin is lost in the mists of time and its one of the oldest vine varieties present in Sicily. Its name means “abundance” because of the large quantity of grapes the vine produces. 

Inzolia: Of Norman origin, Inzolia is among the oldest white berry vines growing in Sicily. It is heavily present in the western part of island, especially in the area near Marsala and Trapani, where the growth of the grapes is favored by the microclimate and the thermal excursion.


2016 - VINI VENORELLI - annata 2014: 85/100

2014 - VINI VENORELLI - annata 2012: 87/100

2012 - PRAMAGGIORE - annata 2011: Medaglia d'oro

2010 - SEL. NAZ. VINI DA PESCE - annata 2009: Diploma con lode

2009 - BRUXELLES - annata: 2008 Medaglia d'argento

2009 - SELEZIONE DEL SINDACO - annata: 2008 Medaglia d'argento

2009 - SEL. NAZ. VINI DA PESCE - annata: 2008 Diploma di Merito