Giada Nkantu

Giada 'Nkantu

IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) Terre Siciliane

Grapes used: A blend of native and international grapes.
The grapes are placed exclusively in trays after harvesting.
Harvest: Early August - late September.
Bottling: Various batches.
Method: Temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless-steel vats.
Temperature: 18°C.
Duration:  10 days.
Malolactic: No.

Straw-yellow color with greenish reflections.
Fruity fragrance with marked aromatic notes.
The palate is delicate, fresh, light, well-balanced and aromatic.
Consume when young, at  8-10°C.
Perfect as a pre-dinner wine, it is an excellent  accompaniment to antipasti, first courses and soft-fleshed fish dishes.
blend uve

Blend di uve autoctone e internazionali: Aware of the remarkable potential of our vineyards, we have wisely vinified the best autochthonous and international white-berry grapes. We have therefore created an original wine, with good personality and unique visual, olfactory and taste characteristics.