DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) Sicilia

Grapes used: Grillo
Harvest: Mid-September.
Bottling: Single batch.
Method: Temperature-controlled soft-pressing in stainless steel tanks.
Temperature: 18°C.
Duration: 8 days.
Malolactic: No.
Golden yellow color. Mouth-filling and complex on the palate.
The bouquet foregrounds almond notes and floral echoes.
Serve chilled at 13-14°C. Works well with all flavorsome fish dishes, including mixed grills, large fish and shellfish.
Excellent with shellfish and soft cheeses.
grillo uva

Grillo: Used for decades as blending wine, Grillo today has been revaluated thanks to the modern vinification techniques which enhanced its potential.

Born from a cross between Catarratto and Zibibbo, it is characterized by large grapes with a thick transparent peel of a golden yellow color. From vinification process it is obtained a surprisingly fresh wine with a complex fruit and floreal scent and flavor.



2016 - VINI VERONELLI - annata 2014: 87/100

2014 - WINE ENTHUSIAST - annata 2015: 88/100

2014 - VINI VERONELLI - annata 2014: 87/100

2014 - LUCA MARONI - annata 2012: 87/100

2010 - SEL. NAZ. VINI DA PESCE - annata 2009: Diploma con lode

2009 - SEL. NAZ. VINI DA PESCE - annata 2008: Diploma di merito

2007 - SEL. NAZ. VINI DA PESCE - annata 2006: Diploma di merito