Olio extravergine d'oliva

Territory: Hills Corleone (700 meters a.s.l.).
Soil: Calcareous with a mixture of clay and slit.
Shape of the plant: Low umbrella.
Variety: Nocellara, Cerasolo e Biancolilla.
Harvest: Manual in wooden boxes.
Olive processing: Completely mechanic.
Consistency: Unfiltered fluid.
Colour: Green with tones of golden yellow.
Fragrance: Complex, reminiscing of the herbs of the Mediterranean area.
Taste: Fruity, intense and armonious. The perfect mix of bitter and spicy.


Perfect for fish dishes, soups, salads, roasts and cold antipasti.


olio d oliva

Olio extravergine di oliva:It is an Extra Virgin Oil of a superior and unique quality, obtained exclusively by cold pressing without any chemical treatment involved at a temperature that does not exceed 27°C. The olives are among the best on present in the natonal market.