Quercus Cabernet 1

Quercus Cabernet Suavignon

DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta)

Grapes used: Cabernet Sauvignon.
Yield per hectare: 70 quintals.
Harvest: Late september.
Bottling: Various batches.
Method: Maceration in stainless-steel tanks.
Temperature: 24-26°C.
Duration: 15 days.
Malolactic: Yes.
Oak ageing: 9 months.
Type of barrells: French oak.
In-bottle ageing: 6 months.

Purplish red color with ruby-red reflections.
Complex and persistent aroma recalling blackcurrant and spices.
The palate is warm and dry, with a forthright character.
Serve at 16-18°C. A perfect match for all full-flavored red-meat dishes, furred and feathered game, and cheeses.
cabernet suavignon

Cabernet Suavignon: Originally from the area near Bordeaux, it is surely one of the most renowned vine variety. Born spontaneously from a cross between Cabernet Franc and Suavignon Blanc, it is characterized by the incredible adaptability to any kind of soil.


2016 - MONDIAL DES VINS EXTREMES - annata 2012: Silver Medal 88/100

2016 - VINI VENORELLI - annata 2011: 90/100

2013 - PRAMAGGIORE - annata 2007: Bacco d'oro Regionale

2013 - PRAMAGGIORE - annata 2007: Medaglia d'oro

2011 - WINE ENTHUSIAST - annata: 2005 88/100

2011 - SELEZIONE DEL SINDACO - annata: 2007 Medaglia d'argento

2011 - BRUXELLES - annata: 2007 80,5/100