Ridente Catarratto Chardonnay Bott

Ridente Catarratto - Chardonnay

IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) Terre Siciliane

Grapes used: Catarratto (50%) from nineyard located 700 metres a.s.l. and Chardonnay (50%) from vineyard located 400 metres a.s.l.
Harvest: Catarratto late September, Chardonnay early August.
Bottling: Single lot.
Method: At controlled temperatures in stainless steel tanks for at least 15 days.
Malolattica: No.

Light yellow colour with golden mances, exuberant aroma and a fresh taste.
Fish dishes, soft cheeses, shellfish and risotto.


To serve at 10-12°C.
catarratto chardonnay uva

Catarratto: Sicilian native white berry wine, it is mostly present in the area near Trapani. Its origin is lost in the mists of time and its one of the oldest vine varieties present in Sicily. Its name means “abundance” because of the large quantity of grapes the vine produces.

Chardonnay: Originally from Burugundy, Chardonnay is the most present international vine variety in Sicily, thanks to the perfect microclimate of the island and its clay soil.

The fruit is characterized by medium-sized grapes with tender yellow peel.

From the vinification process it is obtained a fruity scented wine with and elegant and harmonious flavor and a good alcoholic degree