Pinot Bianco

Pinot Bianco

DOP (Denominazione ad Origine Protetta) Monreale

Grapes used: Pinot Bianco, longstanding, low-yeld vineyards located at an altitude of 400 m.
Harvest:  August 5th.
Bottling: Single batch.
Method: Temperature-controlled, in stainless steel.
Temperature: 16-18°C.
Duration: 13 days
Malolactic: No.

Straw-yellow color with greenish reflections.
Fragrant, cohesive bouquet with fruity undertones.
Fresh, dry and well-balanced palate.
Serve chilled at 8-10°C. with appetizers, dishes based on fish and shellfish, soups and soft cheeses. An excellent aperitif.
pinot bianco uva

Pinot Bianco: It probably originates from genetic mutation of either Pinot Nero or Pinot Grigio and it is one of the vine varieties of French origin cultivated all over the world.

It grows very fast and that allows it to be cultivated in regions considered to be “extreme” like Germany.

From the vinification process it is obtained a delicate yet full-bodied wine with a good level of acidity. It can also become sparkling wine.



2005 - SEL. NAZ. VINI DA PESCE - annata 2004: Diploma di Merito

2004 - SEL. NAZ. VINI DA PESCE - annata 2003: Diploma di Merito

2002 - SEL. NAZ. VINI DA PESCE - annata 2001: Diploma di Merito

2001 - SEL. NAZ. VINI DA PESCE - annata 2000: Diploma di Merito