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Vino Spumante di Qualità - V.H.Q Metodo Classico

Grapes used: Nerello Mascalese.
Crop yeild: 90 quintals per hectare.
Soil: medium consistency with a clay subsoil.
Harvesting: Late August, handmade.
Harvesting method:  manuale in cassetta.
Method:  the black grapes are kept at a very low temperature for at least 15 days.
Malolactic: no.
Second fermentation: done following the Champenois method. The wine is filtered and bottled under pressure. The foaming yeast is added 4 months after the end of the process.
Disgorging: usually done 30 months after harvesting with the adding of liquor d’exedition.
Type: Dry.
This sparkling wine is characterized by its bright and shiny yellow color and its fresh and fruity aroma.
Its taste is elegant, silky and soft with a persistent perlage.
nerello mascalese

Nerello Mascalese: It is the most famous vine variety of Eastern Sicily and also one of the oldest ones. Thanks to its adaptability it grows in the hostile microclimate of the area near Mount Etna. It owes its name to the Mascali Plains whose soil made by volcanic sand. From the vinification process it is obtained a wine of strong personality and structure with a ruby red color and an intense scent that make this wine perfect to accompany noble dishes.