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Sophia Catarratto Bio

IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) Terre di Sicilia

Organic wine.
Grapes used: Catarratto.
Harvest: Late September - early October.
Bottling: Single batch.
Yield per hectare: 85 quintals.
Harvesting: The grapes are hand-picked and carried in cases.
Method: Temperature-controlled vinification by reduction.
Temperature: 16 - 18°C.
Duration: 10 - 12 days.
Malolactic: No.
Bottle aging: 3 months.

Straw-yellow color with greenish reflections.
Generous aroma, with notes of spring flowers to the fore.
Assertive and expansive on the palate, with a full, well-balanced finish.
Serve at 12-14°C. Works well with all types of fish dishes, particularly shellfish. Also a suitable match for soft cheeses.

Catarratto: Sicilian native white berry wine, it is mostly present in the area near Trapani. Its origin is lost in the mists of time and its one of the oldest vine varieties present in Sicily. Its name means “abundance” because of the large quantity of grapes the vine produces.


2014 - VINI D'ITALIA - GAMBERO ROSSO - annata 2012: 2 bicchieri

2014 - LUCA MARONI - annata 2012: 88/100

2013 - SELEZIONE DEL SINDACO - annata 2012: Medaglia d'Oro

2013 - PRAMAGGIORE - annata 2012: Medaglia d'Oro

2009 - BRUXELLES - annata 2008: 77,29/100

2009 - PRAMAGGIORE - annata 2008: Medaglia d'Oro